Taking on a Youthforce Apprentice: FAQs

Do I get to choose who I give an apprenticeship to?

Yes! Youthforce is committed to ensuring you have the pick of the best local talent for the apprenticeship vacancy you have offered. We work hard to ensure we assess all candidates prior to them attending an interview with you. This ensures you only see the best quality applicants at any given time.

You may choose to ‘trial’ a potential apprentice within the workplace to ensure the right ‘fit’ for both parties. We can set this up for you if required.

Ultimately, you have the final say on who is right for you!

Can Youthforce obtain references once an apprentice is appointed?

No. The process for obtaining references changes depending on the location we are working in, thus we cannot be 100% certain these will satisfy your needs. Therefore, Youthforce chooses not to offer this service at this time.

Will Youthforce check for prior convictions and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applicants?

To safeguard all, Youthforce require applicants to complete a full registration. Within this candidates are required to disclose any prior convictions in confidence.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications Youthforce receives, we are unable to DBS every applicant. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their safeguarding policy for inducting new employees is adhered to.

What happens when our apprentice completes the first year?

Many employers see huge value in employing apprentices and offer them a second year on the apprenticeship scheme. In the rare occasion that an employer takes the decision to halt a candidate’s apprenticeship, the employer is not committed to employing the candidate beyond this 12 month period.

Are there on-costs to take into account when paying an apprentice?

From April 2016, a legislation was introduced abolishing employer NICs for those who employ an apprentice under the age of 25.

When will my apprentices be trained?

Our model of training delivery is focused around the needs of the education and science sector. To work with our partners effectively we deliver a majority of training in the ‘holiday’ periods. However, it is not possible to fit all training required during these periods so our tutors will spend allocated time with the apprentices during term-time as well to ensure they complete their apprenticeship. This may vary depending on the apprentice’s ability, however all dates of planned training delivery will be communicated to you following assessment of the individuals’ needs. For confirmation, please contact our Operations team on 01273 776779 or email: admin@youthforce.co.uk

What happens if my apprentice does not meet expectation?

The first three months of an apprenticeship are a crucial time where individuals have to develop a greater awareness of the rigours of working life. Fundamentally they are an employee of your organisation and should be treated in line with company policy – i.e. should have an induction programme, mentoring/managerial supervision and be judged as any member of your team.

If an apprentice is struggling, our tutors will support you to raise standards, working with the apprentice to achieve goals and targets, agreed with your organisation.

Ultimately on the rare occasion where an apprentice is not achieving these goals, the end result of an apprentice’s employment can be ceased through your existing policy and procedures.

Why is there a charge of £900.00 + VAT for  apprentices 19 or over?

Currently the government fully funds all 16-18 year old apprentice training. An apprentice starting on or after their 19th birthday will only receive 50% of funding. The government expects all employers choosing an apprentice 19 or over to contribute to the costs of their training and development. This charge ensures we are able to achieve this through delivery of training programmes that support the apprentice’s role in your organisation.