Case Study: Daisy Holland

Daisy Holland – Loving Life at Redwood Park

Daisy Hollandws

It’s clear speaking to Daisy that she has always had an interest in understanding people. Daisy initially applied to study psychology following college, but something about the Youthforce Teaching Assistant Apprentice programme at Redwood Park School attracted her and she hasn’t looked back.

Redwood Park caters for 11 to 16 year old pupils with learning difficulties, including pupils with communication disorders within the autistic spectrum and those with language impairments. Daisy works to support a range of needs in her role and it’s clear that she is hugely passionate to support the children at the school and learn how best to support their education.

“It’s massively challenging work.” Daisy comments “The young people come with complex needs, and everything I do as a teaching assistant needs to be thought through carefully so children are in the best place to learn.”

The move from being in full-time education learning about psychology and people to doing it for real has led to a steep learning curve for Daisy. “It’s hard work but I love it” she adds with a content smile on her face.

The experience so far has resulted in Daisy reconsidering her options. She’s still unclear of the path in front of her, but is now seriously considering extending her apprenticeship and working towards training as a teacher specialising in teaching children with learning difficulties.

“Initially many schools saw the apprentice programme as a way of boosting staff numbers and provide affordable cover,” comments Richard Davis, Associate with Youthforce. “Now we’re seeing that the apprentices on the Youthforce programme bring real worth in specialist support, improving the experience of school for children with a range of learning difficulties.”

It’s clear that in a short space of time this apprenticeship has had a huge impact on Daisy and that she has made an impact on the learning of those she works to support.  Youthforce is proud of the strong partnership with Redwood Park, and looks forward to supporting Daisy in achieving all her goals over the year ahead.

“Daisy is a real pleasure to have around school. Her  energy, enthusiasm and optimism is infectious!  She has quickly become a valued member of the team, increasing our capacity to offer learning support to both individuals and groups of pupils.

All of our apprentices have made a real difference to our school through their  positive impact on the pupils they work with.”(Lynda Butt, Deputy Head Teacher, Redwood Park School)